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"buy me a pizza."

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Rest assured, ladies, that the NFL would love it if you believed they gave a shit. They spend millions every October on pink crap designed to fool you into thinking they give a shit. There’s a myriad of problems with the NFL’s garish, ludicrous “Breast Cancer Awareness” month, the least of which is that the program serves as a smokescreen for all the ways the League has wronged and continues to wrong women (the biggest problem: it does much more for the league’s bottom line than it does for cancer research). If they actually cared about women with breast cancer, they wouldn’t have quietly tossed former Buccaneers cheerleader Bobbie Shay Lee on her ass when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 25. And they’d donate more than a tiny percentage of the money they make to, you know, actual breast cancer research. We’re all plenty “aware” of breast cancer. With the minuscule suspension of Ray Rice, the League has, once again, waved its proverbial middle finger in the faces of female fans. It’s well past the time that women stop willfully ignoring the messages the NFL and the NFL’s most enthusiastic boosters keeps sending us — we don’t matter, we’re not people, we are responsible for preventing our own beatings, we lie, we only care about clothes — and start fucking listening. The NFL does not care about women. And it’s time for women, and male NFL fans who give a shit about women, to pay the League back in kind.
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