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Martha Stewart got a drone for her birthday last year (“in Maine,” she notes, Martha Stewart-ishly) and it turns out she just can’t get enough droning. In a TIME op-ed titled “Why I Love My Drone,” she explains why: Because it makes it way easier to craft a marzipan Peter Rabbit cake that’s an exact replica of her farm. <—-ACTUAL REASON. Martha Stewart Has Her Own Drone and She Fucking Loves It

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all of the want.

When members of WBC announced plans to protest the show, the band decided to do something about it. They promised to give $20 to an LGBT charity for each member of the church who showed up to protest them. EXPAND But here’s the best part—the fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign didn’t work out so well because only 13 protesters showed up. That’s wasn’t good enough for Panic! At the Disco’s members, so they’ve promised to donate more money to HRC.

Panic! At the Disco Trolls Westboro Church in Best Way Possible

GREAT. high five, band i used to cry in my room to when i was like 17. GREAT.

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manhattanhenge = bucket list.

When Obama approached the Franklin Barbeque counter in Austin last Thursday (after cutting the line), Webb took his moment and exclaimed, “Equal rights for gay people!” Obama then asked if Webb was gay. Webb responded, “Only when I have sex.” Webb tells the Chronicle, “That’s when he laughed and said, ‘Bump me.’” (via Obama Fist Bumps Texas BBQ Cashier in Response to Gay Sex Joke)

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